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Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 4000ct - 25lb

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Lots and lots of mini chips of yummy semi-sweet chocolate. Perfect for baking, there are 4,000 small chips per pound. So with 100,00 chocolate chips per case, you'll be busy baking for a while! more info

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 4000ct - 25lb
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 4000ct - 25lb

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Guittard Mini Semi-sweet

We purchase these chocolate chips because they are dairy-free, and mini dairy-free chocolate chips are hard to find in the store. Their price isn't too much higher than a bag of typical chocolate chips from the super market (remember that those bags are only 12 oz., not 16, so figure your comparison numbers accordingly). As a nice side benefit, Guittard chocolate is wonderful. :-) They also have great milk chocolate, but of course, that's not dairy free!

The only drawback is that this chocolate does not have several months' worth of shelf life. Eventually, it's going to get that whitish look to it and not taste quite as fresh (but still taste "good."). Just use it faster! Or use it primarily for baking since you don't really notice the change in quality. Guittard's recommendation is that you don't refrigerate or freeze the chocolate, and I would agree to that.

Wonderful taste, happens to be dairy-free.
It'd be nice if the shelf life were longer.
4/5 Stars
Sioux Falls, SD
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product Info

Approximately 4000 chips per pound

25lbs bulk unwrapped semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Price per pound = $

SKU: acsc100637

Allergen Information

Manufacturer does not handle peanuts in same facility.

Dairy-free status statement from manufacturer:
Although milk is not an added ingredient in our dark chocolates, they are processed on equipment that is also used to process milk chocolate.

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