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Candy Bars

Candy bars have got it all! Chocolate, caramel, peanuts, almonds, taffy, peanut butter, marshmallow, coconut, cashews...the combinations and options are endless. They also range in size from bite to king size.

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A candy bar usually includes other confectionary ingredients besides the fundamental chocolate bar which is your basic sugar, milk and cocoa. A candy bar will often include caramel, nuts or other healthy ingredients as in peanut butter bars.

Often bite size candy bars will be used as a small but special treat. Because of the small size, the person enjoying the bar feels as if they are having something special but not over-indulging. Perfect examples of candy bar, bite size treat are Toblerone mini chocolate bars and Hershey's mini chocolate candy bars.

Up until the late 1900s chocolate and candy were sold by weight in confectionary or general stores. The chocolate was sold in the form of a tablet. Toward the end of the century candy and chocolate were combined in small wrapped portions and the candy bar was born.


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Candy Bars

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The definition of a candy bar is a combination of yummy confections normally held together by chocolate or caramel and wrapped in stylishly designed packages. Of course, we just call them yummy. Candy bar are a pretty amazing candy when you think about it. They can mix any number of delicious confections to create limitless varieties of easily portable sugary goodness. Wow. Raise your hand if you love candy bars! Yeah, we do too. All our bulk candy bars tempt us daily...and we, of course, give in.

The first known candy bar was back in 1910. The Ganong Brothers of Canada sold that first wrapped chocolate bar and the rest is history. Since then Willy Wonka, Hershey's and Cadbury have continued the candy bar tradition quite well. And new combinations like those found in Whatchamacallit bars are pushing the candy bars limits more and more every year. How many yummy confections can you handle in your candy bar? Why not find out today? Check out our great selection of wholesale candy bars in bulk.