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Chocolate Covered Fruits

Chocolate and fruit were born to be together. The sweet vibrant taste of fruit and rich creamy chocolate are the best combination of nature's candy goodness. Cranberries, cherries and raisins or any fruit covered in rich creamy chocolate makes for a deliciously refreshing treat. Chocolate covered strawberries are particularly amazing!

More Chocolate Candy

The list just goes on and on of fruits covered in milk chocolate to include apricots, pastel fruit raisins, berry blues, orange peels, raspberries, almonds, lemon cream and orange cream, to name a few. Some of the items in this category are covered in yogurt instead like yogurt raisins, which we think are similar but a great way to change the pace a little bit if you are having a large candy display with several different types or colors of candy.

The Ancient Mayans knew that better than anyone. They drank chocolate in a bitter spicy drink and mixed it with various fruits and honey! Today, you have many more options on to mix the worlds of fruit and chocolate and you can buy them all right here from the biggest bulk candy store online. Try some bulk chocolate covered fruit today at wholesale prices!


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

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Chocolate Covered Fruit Candy

Bulk Chocolate Covered Fruit Candy at Wholesale Prices

Fruit is the most basic candy there is. You just walk up to a cherry tree or a field of strawberries, pick out a good one and enjoy! Chocolate is a bit more complex. It comes from the seeds of the Cacao tree. You have to know how to process the seeds and mix them with other subtle ingredients to make the delicious chocolate that we know and love. It"s no wonder it's taken centuries for chocolate covered fruit to finally get here!

When Spanish explorers first discovered chocolate, it was in the liquid form of a hot beverage. The ancient Mexican civilizations would mix fruit in the drink as well to accent the bitter chocolate flavor. But it wasn't until chocolate found its way back to Europe that elaborate chocolate covered fruits became popular. This hardened form of chocolate started out as a sort of fondue in which royalty would dip their fruits at parties. Not long after, candy shops all over were carrying chocolate covered berries and fruits of all kinds. Now you can get bulk chocolate covered fruit online at wholesale bulk candy stores like us!

Chocolate and fruit are natural candy brothers. No artificial flavors are needed to make chocolate covered fruit taste good. It's all Mother Nature's doing. Enjoy some delicious bulk chocolate covered fruit today at wholesale prices!