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Foil Wrapped Chocolates

Foil wrapped chocolate brings vibrant colors and patterns to the rich and creamy candy you love. If you need wedding candy, foiled hearts are perfect. Available in several festive shapes and colors, bulk chocolate candy are ideal for nuptials and all celebrations.

More Chocolate Foil Candy

The options are endless with shaped chocolate candy wrapped in foil. You can basically make your favorite confection into any character or object you like. If you like flowers, there are roses in this category. If you like fish, we have got you covered. There are sweet and delicious solid milk chocolate bumble bees and ladybugs and all sorts of useful designs for parties and holidays too. Foil wrapped bulk chocolate coins or gelt are perfect for Hanukkah and come in several sizes.

The printed designs on foil wrapped chocolate make novelty candies like chocolate ladybugs look amazing. Foil covers complex shapes accurately, perfect for chocolate stars or roses too. Shop the largest selection on any candy store online at wholesale prices.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
Foil Wrapped Chocolate Candy

Bulk Foil Wrapped Chocolate at Wholesale Prices

Foil wrapped chocolate is fun for many reasons. Vibrant colors and detailed shapes bring our favorite rich and creamy chocolate candy to life. Foil has a quality called "deadfold" which allows it to wrap tightly around elaborate shapes. We are all thankful for this quality as it makes bulk chocolate candy more flexible for decorative purposes like wedding candy or baby shower candy. Try some beautiful and delicious foil wrapped chocolate candy at wholesale prices today!

The most popular of our bulk foil wrapped chocolates are the pink chocolate hearts. They are the perfect bulk candy for so many occasions. Weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and girls' birthday parties are all perfect occasions for pink chocolate hearts. Let's be honest, how many women out there like the color pink and also love chocolate? We rest our case. :) But the girls are not alone. Popular foil wrapped chocolate items for the men include Chocolate Playing Cards and Chocolate Cigars. Everyone loves chocolate, and with the cool decorative features foil brings, why not get some wholesale foil wrapped bulk chocolate for your next party?