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Gum & Bubblegum

Gum and bubblegum are some of the most exciting confections. Gumballs start out in a round candy shell and after a bit of chewing are capable of making bubbles 20 times their original size. Bubble gum is one of the truest types of candy. Great sugary taste and loads of fun built in every piece.

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Gum has great versatility as a bulk candy item. It comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. Colorful bulk gumballs fill vending machines and excite children as they walk past. Chewing gum freshens your breath and gives you a feeling of being prepared for whatever comes next in your day. Novelty gum can be shaped to look like a band aid (ouch) or a roll of scotch tape or even bubblegum cigars. It can almost be whatever you imagine it to be.

There are hundreds of gum products on this the largest online candy store. From Blow Pops to chicklets and all the way to Clarks teaberry gum, we have what you need. We have several good sub categories of wholesale bubble gum and chewing gum as well to help you narrow down your options. So browse the site and let us know if we do not have what you are looking for. Odds are we can get it.


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Gum & Bubblegum Candy

Bulk Bubblegum & Chewing Gum at Wholesale Prices

Bubblegum is actually a type of chewing gum specially made for blowing bubbles. The idea first surfaced in 1906 to make gum that could be blown into a bubble. "Bubblegum" was going to be all the rage with kids and adults alike. But the first attempts at producing such a gum product failed. It was too sticky and not strong enough to hold for big bubbles. Nothing like the fun-filled bulk bubblegum products we sell! It wasn"t until 1924 that bubble gum successfully hit the world markets. It was then called, "blow gum."

Gum can be made to look like sports balls or beach balls or even life-like fruit. Gumballs come in a rainbow of different delicious flavors. Heck, Charms Blow Pops even have bubblegum inside yummy lollipops!

There are an infinite number of colors and flavors, the most popular of which is "bubblegum" flavor...surprise surprise. A flavor Dubble Bubble has mastered. Gumballs are the most popular form of bubblegum. A colorful assortment of bulk gumballs often fills small vending machines in local businesses. Fill up your own gumball machine with our wholesale bulk gum selection. Chewing gum cannot be written off though. Chewing gum is often not as sweet as it's counterpart. It often has a mint-y or other mouth-freshening flavor. Chewing gum has even been touted by some health officials as being good for your teeth! We can't speak for them, but sugar free chewing gum after a meal will surely help freshen and clean your mouth. Just don"t swallow it... :)

Popular brands of gum include Dubble Bubble, Hubba Bubba, and C. Howard's. Browse our large selection of bulk gum and you will be sure to find the perfect chewy candy delight at our great wholesale prices.