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Hard Candy

Hard candy was originally made for medicinal purposes, like cough drops! It didn't take the medicine makers long to see that the yummy candies treated a mean case of the sweet tooth better than most coughs! Hard candy items have grown exponentially in popularity due to the wide variety of colors and flavors.

Hard candy in bulk. Our large selection of hard candy includes traditional "boiled sweets" like Jolly Ranchers as well as candy drops and candy coated sweet tarts like Runts. Hard candy is popular for its wide variety of colors and flavors. Any flavor under the sun can be made into a lovely piece of hard candy.

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Hard Candy

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Hard candy is one of the most popular forms of candy, after chocolate. When most people think of candy, they think of bright colors and fun shapes and that is exactly what hard candy is. Hard candy can be made to take on fun shapes like Runts candy as well as many different colors and flavors as seen with old-fashioned stick candy. It has the ability to be whatever it wants to be, which is why hard candy can be so much fun!

Check out the variety in classic old-fashioned candy sticks, the most popular form of hard candy. The historic popularity of hard candy bon bons and the rise of Jolly Ranchers and SweeTarts have made hard candies among the most popular forms of sugary goodness in the world!

Classic old-fashioned candy drops were once of the first hard candy items to hit the scene. Dusted with a sugar coat on the outside, these candies come in classic flavors like Natural Horehound and Root Beer as well as several fruity flavors. These drops were synonymous with the word candy in the early 20th century. Get some bulk hard candy for your next Roaring 20's party.

Hard candy's many colors make it great as wedding candy too. Match the theme of your wedding with delicious hard candies in the color of your bridesmaid dresses. There are so many great ways to utilize hard candy for events and parties, why not pick some up in bulk at wholesale prices today!