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Jawbreakers Candy

Jawbreakers are called Gobstoppers in England, where "gob" is slang for mouth. That must be where Willy Wonka got the everlasting name! We in the US had to change it to make sure everyone knew what these delicious little candies were capable of. Jawbreakers, Gobstoppers, Jaw Busters...whatever you call them, be careful when you eat them! These yummy round candies have several layers of tooth chipping hard candy that should be dissolved before you bite down. How long can you wait to bite down? Test your patience with some jawbreakers today!

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"Those truffles you sent me were to die for! And your customer service couldn't be nicer! Can I come work for you? Haha! Thank you so much."

Ruth Gregory
(Seven Springs, IN)
Jawbreakers Candy