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Lollipops and Suckers

The carry a large variety of lollipops and suckers for all occasions. From Blow Pops to Whirly Pops and everything in between, you will find the pop that suits your needs here in the largest selection of bulk lollipops and suckers online. Great party favors and as decoration for a birthday party or event.

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Lollipops have been around for centuries. When the ancient people of the Middle East started boiling sugar to make hard candy, it sooner became clear that your hands would get very sticky unless the candy was small enough to fit all in your mouth at one time. No one wants to limit themselves to a smaller piece, so the natural next step is to place a large piece of candy on a stick so it does not have to be held in your hand directly. And the lollipop was born.

Today we do not need to boil our own sugar. We have online candy stores like ours where people can buy wholesale lollipops and bulk suckers to fill their homes with bulk candy on a stick. Kids love them so they work really well at birthday parties and in gift baskets and party favors. You can even buy color coordinated pops and spruce up your candy buffet table at your big event. There are a thousand different version of this old time classic sweet treat. You know what your favorite kind is, and we bet you will find it here on these pages.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

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Lollipops and Suckers

Bulk Lollipops & Suckers at Wholesale Prices

Lollipops have been around for centuries! Although their origin is widely disputed, our research has found that boiled hard candy on a stick became popular in England in the 1600"s. And a sucker was born! ...so to speak. :)

Since then candy on a stick has become a favorite form of candy all over the world. Colorful lollipops and suckers are popular at birthday parties and weddings or just for cruising around and looking cool with your favorite candy.

Some lollipops have filling inside them. The famous Tootsie Pops, from the television commercial with the owl, have Tootsie Roll candy in the center. Blow Pops from Charms have bubblegum at the center of their delicious lollipops. Other bulk lollipops have more exotic filling like these Cricket Lollipops. Whatever you like inside your lollipops and suckers, we know you"ll find what you need here at great wholesale prices.

Lollipops are a beautiful and portable way to get your candy fix. Enjoy a classic carnival whirly pop or a blow a huge bubble with Blow Pops! Or why not give an honest try to see how many licks it really takes to get to the center of A Tootsie Pop?