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Mints Candy

Mints are a refreshing way to decorate a wedding or your restaurant or hotel. Our large selection of mint candy will do the trick. Stock your restaurant with after dinner starlight mints or leave classic green Andes mints in the rooms of your hotel. Everyone loves a mint, and sometimes they really need one!

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"We got a whole bunch of white wedding mints from yall and they were fresh and great. Everybody loved em. Thanks!"

Jenny Green
(Atlanta, GA)
Mints Candy

Bulk Mints at Wholesale Prices

Mint candy is defined as any candy that has a mint flavor or contains real mint oil like peppermint or spearmint oil. But did you know that wintergreen is not really in the mint family? That’s right, though it is frequently considered mint candy, wintergreen is actually not in the same botanical class as mint. But it still tastes pretty good!

Hard mints are normally referred to as “breath mints.” That includes Tic Tacs and Altoids, etc. But some mints do more than just freshen breath. Mints that actually contain peppermint oil or extract are popular to help digestion after a meal. Those after dinner mints are so useful! Soft mints are softer mints that usually have a higher butter content. That’s why they sometimes call them “butter mints.” Mentos are a good example of soft mints too.

If you need mints to use as wedding candy or you want to help your guests have fresh breath, our bulk mint candy selection has got what you need. The white dynamite mints are the most popular, but Andes Mints and the various starlight mints are very popular too. Enjoy some bulk mints at your celebration.

Whether you need a Tic Tac or to dress the tables at your wedding with gorgeous white mints, we’ve got all the bulk mints you need. From C. Howard's to Junior Mints, whatever your needs may be, you'll be minted with these refreshingly yummy candies! Freshen things up a bit with some bulk mints today.

Bulk mints online. Mints are verasatile candies, useful for many different occasions and for many different purposes. Freshen your breath after dinner in a restaurant or formal event. Decorate your wedding tables with gleaming white mints or pillow mints or accent your candy buffet color with the presnece of subtle white mints. Whether they're going on the pillows of hotel guests or in a bowl at the hostess table, mints go down well.