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Assorted Color Candy

Assorted colors candy are all the candies that come in an assortment of different colors or in rainbow colors on every piece. Sunkist fruit gems, hard candy and whirly pop lollipops are good examples as are the M&Ms individual color choices. If you are looking for an assortment of colorful bulk candy, you have come to the right place.

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Assorted Color Candy is a delicious rainbow of yummy flavors. Brighten up your party with the many brilliant colors of candy. Make your birthday party a carnival with Rainbow Unicorn Pops! Multi-color assorted candies are great for celebrating summer fun. Put out a bowl of Jolly Ranchers for the kids on a school field trip. From lollipops to gummi bears, we have got it all. As the largest online candy store we have assorted jelly beans, assorted hard candy, assorted color starlight mints, rock candy crystals, old-fashioned candy sticks, gumballs, salt water taffy and much more all at cheap wholesale prices and at the highest quality available. Assorted colors candy brightens everyone's day. Stock up on assorted color candy today!


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
Assorted Colors Candy
A Day at the Park

The sky was alive with the assorted colors of kites. Every design, shape and size soared overhead like birds competing in some strange aerobatic contest. The blue sky and clouds like cotton candy made the perfect backdrop for the myriad of colors. Natalie smiled upwards, closing her eyes. Her heart felt as free as the kites above.

Matthew touched her arm, although she already knew he"d walked up beside her. He stood waiting. Natalie could feel his hesitation at interrupting her private reverie. She enjoyed it a moment longer, then turned to her twin brother, smiling."Hey," she greeted him."What do you think?"

"You did a great thing, Nat." Matthew waved a hand across the park."Look at this! I always knew you were stubborn and head-strong, but" Wow, Sis. You outdid yourself." He surveyed the scene around him. Everywhere were the results of the family day his sister had organized. Picnic blankets checker-boarded the grounds, children ran in excited circles around parents and the lines to the bounce-houses were long and full of laughter. The smells of hot dogs and hamburgers wafted across the windy day, along with sounds of giggles and chatter."Yep," he said."You finally put that strong will of yours to work."

Natalie laughed."Well, Mom always said there was a reason for everything, right? Even for the things about us that drove her crazy." She reached in her pocket and pulled out a small bag of Napoleon Sour Bon Bons."For you," she said,"for your help. I know you like sour, and one of the vendors had these."

Matthew laughed and held out a Rainbow Colored Whirly Pop."For you," he said,"because I never could convince you that sour candy is the way to go. It"s my way of saying I"m proud of you." He blushed at the words, waving Natalie"s surprised look off with a wave of his hand."Mom and Dad aren"t here, so I said it for them. Not just the day at the park, but everything. We were the first ones on either side of the family to graduate high school and look at you now. Hot shot principal, helping families do better" They"d be proud."

"Of you, too, Professor." Natalie hugged her brother close. She looked around again, smiled and swatted Matthew on the arm."Race you to the Bounce House!"

-by Debora Dyess