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Black Candy

Black candy is great at formal occasions like New Years Eve or a graduation party in a candy buffet. Black is the color of nobility, elegance and power. There are lots of great bulk candy choices in this category like licorice candy sticks and black taffy and the ever popular black M&Ms.

More Black Color Candy

Black is the color of tuxedos, and robes for judges and college graduates are that same color. Celebrate in style with black whirly pop lollipops or black tie jordan almonds. Licorice comes in many different forms as well like red vines and licorice laces as well as licorice swirl salt water taffy and blackberry candy sticks. It is often mixed with white color candy for formal occasions for a black and white candy mix, but sometimes it goes well with orange and gold and actually a lot of other colors! Halloween often calls for black and orange candy to set the appropriate mood.

Treat your guests with some stylish, noble candy at your next event. We have a huge selection of bulk black candy as we are the biggest candy store online. Find it all here at cheap wholesale prices but at the highest quality too.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
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Black Candy
A Black Tie Affair

"Perfection." Charles said."Thank you." Amy smiled, watching the newly graduated high school seniors dancing nearby. "For being a great mom and wife, tolerating my father."

"A black tie affair!" Preston Redford"s voice rang."Tradition, elegance ...almost what I ordered." Preston scowled at the tray of treats a waitress carried."I really expected salmon and caviar, Amy."

"They"re over there." Amy pointed."But Gummi Penguins and Black Ice Blow Pops are the best part. They show the passage of childhood. This is a graduation party, Preston, not a political rally. Although a few Gummi Penguins there might not hurt, either." Charles lay a hand on his wife"s arm.

"No," Preston said."We"re talking, Charles. There"s something I want to say, as well." Amy searched the crowd for her son. Zachary seemed unaware his family was in the same galaxy, much less at the party. She faced her father-in-law. "I request something formal for my only grandson"s graduation. You present candy intended for children. I request a dinner party for my election. You plan a bar-b-que. We"re tuxedos and silk, you"re sundresses."

"Designer sundresses."

"Whatever. You"ve been family for twenty years." He paused."You didn"t know Charles" mother, Judith, but she was remarkable." His eyes softened."Much like you." Surprise washed across Amy"s face. "She didn"t tolerate my pompous bull, either. She told me exactly what she thought." Preston smiled, eyes twinkling."I thought you figured it out, Amy. You"re awfully quick not to know how much I like you. And you!" He swatted Charles" shoulder."Don"t you realize how like your mother she is?"

Before Charles could answer, something flew across the yard, striking Preston in the forehead. He caught it in midair, looked at it and held it out for the couple"s inspection" a Gummi Penguin. From across the lawn, Zachary yelled,"Got you, Grandfather!" Preston strode forward, arriving at the pool about the same time Zachary did. The two of them pantomimed boxing, then Preston stumbled, dragging Zachary with him into the water. They emerged laughing and dripping.

Amy and Charles rushed to them."Are you okay?" Amy knelt beside Preston as Charles hefted Zachary from the water. Preston grabbed Amy"s outstretched hand, jerking her into the shallow pool. She stood, soaked from head to foot.

"Need a towel, Amy?" Preston laughed.

"How about a black tie?" Amy countered, laughing.

-by Debora Dyess