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Gold Candy

Gold candy brings a fun and sometimes glamorous look to a candy buffet. Gold coins from a pirate treasure make for great times at a children's birthday party or at school. They are also used as gelt during Hanukkah. Now you can even get gold M&Ms, hard candy and gumballs as well as gold foil wrapped chocolate. There are a lot of great options for bulk candy in this category.

More Gold Color Candy

Gold candy is perfect for sports events or anniversary parties! This color represents victory, wealth and happiness. The precious metal is so valuable because it is rare and also long-lasting. That's why wedding rings are symbolically made of gold! If you have that kind of love for great wholesale candy at cheap prices then you have come to the right place. We are the biggest online candy store and have definitely got what you need.

Celebrate your Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary with lovely gold chocolate hearts or stars! Or present the winner of your birthday party Olympics with a gold chocolate bar! Chocolate cigars are wrapped in gold and there are many choices of gold jelly beans that are not true to the color but are pretty close. Honor your party guests with a lovely rare candy treat. Stock up on gold candy today!


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
Gold Candy

Jayne became a mother at 44, which would have concerned her more if her son hadn"t been eight when she got him. Tom first mentioned adoption five years earlier."I"m 42," he"d reasoned."You"re right behind me. We"re having a hard time making a baby, Jayne. It"s not going to get easier. Our chances of a healthy child"" Reading her face, he stopped, but the idea stayed. Two years later, the week before Halloween, they got Chance.

The boy wandered through the house, wide-eyed and hesitant. Entering his room, he stood staring, Jayne and Tom behind him. He looked up at them."Where"s everybody else?"

"It"s all yours," Tom answered. Chance looked at the Cars comforter, the TV and toys, and shook his head, bewildered. Jayne knelt beside him."We want to be your mommy and daddy, Chance. You can do something no one else can. You"re can let us be parents." Chance"s uncertainty didn"t seem to abate during his first week at his new home.

The day before Halloween, Jayne picked Chance up from school."We"re shopping," she said."We have to figure this costume and candy thing out."

"I don"t have to""

"Well, I do!" Jayne countered with a smile. I"ve been waiting a long time to have a boy to trick-or-treat with!" The next night as she prepared for bed, Jayne found a Pirate's Gold Chocolate Coin on her pillow. When she asked Tom about it, he explained that he"d found one on his, too."Chance is sharing his loot!" Jayne said, feeling joy that maybe he was opening up to them.

The next night, another pair of coins awaited the couple, and the next, and the next."Is this what we gave out?" Tom asked. Jayne shook her head."We gave out Gold Mine Gum." She watched her husband."I don"t understand this, Tom. I don"t think it"s good, after all. Should talk to him?" Tom shrugged, and Jayne rose, tiptoeing to Chance"s room. She opened the door, half-expecting to see the boy sleeping. Instead, he sat next to the window, staring into the night. He held two chocolate coins.

"Hey, sweetheart," Jayne said."What"s up with the pirate"s candy?" Chance turned, wide-eyed, and shrugged."I only have two," he said."I don"t know what I"ll do after that."

Jayne frowned."What do you mean, Chance? If you need more candy, we can buy more. I"ve noticed that you like sharing them with us."

Chance started to speak, seemed to change his mind, then began to talk in a rush."I just don"t want you to get tired of me. You have everything" a big house and a TV and a car, a dog, movies and a computer and cell phones and a basketball hoop in the yard" I just want you to want me to stay." He looked away."I"m not really the only one that can let you be parents. Any old kid could do that.”

Jayne crossed the floor and hit her knees beside Chance."We have stuff," she agreed."What we really wanted was a little boy to fill our house and our hearts. Stuff cannot do that. Now that you"re our boy, we don"t want any other. You"re ours, Chance. We"re yours. No need to buy us with chocolate , honey." She threw her arms around Chance"s shoulders and hugged him, tearing as he hugged her back."I do love chocolates, though," she whispered. She started to laugh, and her son joined in.

-by Debora Dyess