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Orange Candy

Orange candy offers a vibrant, cheerful mood to any setting with a bright color and a vivid citrus flavor. An orange candy buffet will put a smile on the face of anyone. Orange gummy bears are very popular, as is hard candy and salt water taffy. It is also common to combine orange and black candy for Halloween parties. There are a lot of great choices in this bulk candy color.

More Orange Color Candy

Orange Candy is perfect for Halloween or a bright and shiny spring time party! It's not just a color, but a delicious citrus fruity flavor. Take some fresh jelly orange slice candy on a picnic in the park or to a beach party! The tangy refreshing taste is great for a hot summer day. From candy corn to Georgia gummi peaches, orange colored candy is sure to liven up your occasion. Stock up on some bulk orange candy today.

The options under this great category are immense and full of cheap wholesale candy that is of the highest quality. We are the biggest candy store online and you can tell from our stock pile of orange sweets that that it the truth. There are orange M&Ms and Sixlets and rock candy sticks as well as salt water taffy and chocolate foil balls. Orange sour candy is here as well.


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Orange Candy
Orange Party Day

One orange remained at the top of the tree. Linda noticed it as she and her children waved goodbye to her husband for the day."Look." She pointed to the fruit, perched atop the tree like a big, sunlit bird."Daddy missed one."Patrick looked, four-year-old excitement instantly inflated."We should get that orange, Momma! For snack!" He began jumping and, as if magically attached, his little sister joined him."Get the ladder! Hurry!" Linda decided there was no way she was going up a ladder.

"I think maybe Daddy wanted to leave it for the birds. Birds love fruit, and they hardly ever get to eat any of ours. And you know ours are the best in the valley."

Patrick nodded. Brenda followed suit."Birds don"t get good stuff like us, Bren," Patrick told his sister. He looked up at Linda."They can have it." Linda checked on the two later in the morning. Brenda was playing, but Patrick sat, watching the top of the tree. “No birds, Momma." He never took his eyes from the orange."We should eat it for them."

"We"ll have a different kind of orange." Linda smiled. She hurried to the kitchen, retrieved a container, poured milk into two glasses and grabbed a tablecloth. "Snack!" She carried her loot outside, letting the screen door slam behind her. Linda spread the tablecloth on the porch, passed out glasses and opened the container."Sorry, sweetie." She lifted her surprise. The children squealed at the sight of Orange Slices Candy and Gummi Bears. Linda sat, placing four candies beside each child."Let"s have a party."

"What for, Momma?" Patrick asked, Brenda repeating his words, plopping down beside their mother. Without waiting, they grabbed the candies, stuffing their mouths full. "It"s an Orange Day Party," Linda thought of the chores she"d planned to do before lunch that were undone, and smiled."Sometimes you should just have a party. Today, is that day."

Patrick looked up at the season"s last fruit."Look! One of those nasty Grackle birds! Want me to shoo it away, Momma?"

Linda smiled in the warmth of the sunshine, the orange candy and her children"s presence."Not this time, Pat. He can party, too."

-by Debora Dyess