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Pink Candy

Pink candy is a favorite at baby showers and events as a very popular candy buffet color. Pink traditionally represents grace and beauty, which are the qualities of all our baby girls! Hot pink M&Ms and Sixlets as well as salt water taffy, hard candy, pink gummy bears and many more varieties of this gorgeous colored bulk candy.

More Pink Color Candy

Pink candy is perfect for celebrating the baby announcement of your new little girl! Baby girl candy bubblegum cigars and lollipops set a fun mood whether she is a newborn or having her first birthday party. Other choices here include pink chocolate hearts and candy sticks as well as chocolate lentils, which look like M&Ms, and hot pink Sixlets, rock candy and candy pearls and beads, all at great cheap prices.

You don't have to be a newborn to celebrate with pink candy; it is been proven tasty for all ages. Bulk pink candy is great for birthday parties of any age and bridal showers too! Stock your party with great cheap wholesale pink sweets form the largest online candy store today.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
Pink Candy
Pink Pixie Revelation

When we waved goodbye to our pink pixie that morning, neither of us realized how long a day could be. Pre-kindergarten seemed like a wonderful idea. Aubrey, too bright for four, had grown bored at home after the birth of her brother. "It"ll give you some extra time," I told my daughter."It"ll give Aubrey a chance to meet other children." Elisabeth and I dropped Aubrey off at school together. She jumped from the car" a pink whir of excitement" dashing away without a backwards glance.

"The quiet is too much!" my daughter said at lunch. "She"s out in three hours." I said. I, too, had been clock-watching.

Elisabeth nodded."When Benny wakes up, let"s prepare a"first day of pre-k" gift for Aubrey. We"ll put together some things from the candy store, a little toy"" The bag was a little girl dream" watermelon fruit sours, strawberry salt water taffy, milk chocolate lips, a handful of cotton candy jelly bellies and a Hello Kitty marshmallow pop. Elisabeth surveyed the pink bag."If she doesn"t go into sugar shock," she laughed,"we"ll be peeling her off the ceiling until midnight!"

I chuckled."Good thing I"ll be home by then." We watched as the youngest classes were released, tiny scholars starting on a long journey of becoming. Elisabeth grabbed my arm."There." We waved like crazy. Aubrey waved back, her hair not as neat as it had been that morning, but her smile just as radiant. She ran to us, her teacher tethering her back with a held hand. When she settled in and buckled up, Elisabeth handed her the bag."Congratulations on starting school!"

Aubrey dug into the pink bag, fixated, pulling the Hello Kitty out to devour first. "Did you make any friends today?" I asked after she finished describing her new classroom and teacher.

She looked puzzled."No""

Concerned, I tried again, thinking maybe Aubrey hadn"t understood the question."Honey, did you make any friends today at school?"

She frowned, cocked her head to one side and said,"No, Grandma. God makes my friends. I only have to meet them." And with that she went back to her candy.

-by Debora Dyess