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Red Candy

Red candy comes in many shapes and sizes. Find hard candy, M&Ms, Sixlets, salt water taffy, stick candy and many more varieties of rouge colored bulk candy. It is a great color for occasions where love is the theme like Valentine's Day andcandy buffets at wedding receptions.

More Red Color Candy

Red candy is great for expressing love, celebrating Valentine's Day, or any event where red is a featured color. Vibrant red colored candy is a yummy way to invigorate your guests. Red is the color of excitement, heat, passion, and love. Sweeten up your event with some red gummy bears or whirly pop lollipops. Red candy sticks come in several great flavors with stripes down the side.

Spice things up with red hot cinnamon imperial hearts or delight your guests with Strawberry Bon Bons. We are the largest online candy store and we have it all. Wholesale red candy is not just for Valentine's Day, make any occasion more lively with the color of love. Stock your party with bulk red candy today!


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
Red Candy
Fire Engine Encounters

When the fire engine pulled into the parking lot, Tracy"s heartbeat quickened. She ran fingers through her hair. The restaurant was hot; she hoped she didn"t look too bad. Men piled off the rig, laughing as they tromping into the caf",. Other customers didn"t like their noise, but Tracy refused to turn them away. She sited their importance in the neighborhood, her need for their quick response in an emergency" anything except the real reason. His name was George.

"Why don"t you tell him how you feel?" Jasmine had asked Tracy the week before."We"re not kids, you know. Just be honest."

"Honest? I have three kids" three boys." She shrugged."What guy wants a woman with six-year-old twins and a four-year-old?" When Jasmine assured her all women their ages had baggage, she"d exploded."Baggage, Jas? They"re my children!" She"d stayed mad, but began to wonder herself: why didn"t she tell him? So, when the firefighters bustled in a week later, Tracy braced herself for"honesty". She strode to their table, order pad in hand and her usual greeting."Hey, is it possible you guys know what you want, or do you need more time?"

"George knows what he wants!" a firefighter called, and George flushed red. The men all laughed."You don"t think we come for the food, do you, Tracy? It"s good, but" Well, George really likes the view here." Cheeks crimson, George stood. The others hooted and clapped as he steered Tracy out the door. His buddies watched through the plate-glass window. George turned his back to them, took a deep breath, stammered, and held out a bag of red candy. They were Boston Baked Beans. Tracy looked at it, then at him, confused."I"m an Atomic Fireball gal," she said.

George leaned against the window."Jeez, I knew this was stupid! Mikey said to say"sweets for the sweet," or something. Oh, how dumb!" Tracy arched her eyebrows arch."What?"

"I"ve wanted to ask you out forever, but" I like you and" But then I think, what kind of woman wants a guy with three kids?"

"Three?" Tracy asked heart pounding.

George nodded."They"re great boys, Tracy, but they"re a handful. They"re three, five and seven."

Tracy started laughing and took the bag of candy. She opened them and held them to George. “Sweets for the sweet," she said."Go ahead" eat one. We need to talk!"

- by Debora Dyess