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Yellow Candy

Yellow candy is perfect for springtime occasions like Easter and Mother's Day. Yellow is the color of youth and vibrancy, and candy goes hand in hand with that theme. Buy some yellow hrad candy sticks or lollipops and brighten up your party or event with a candy buffet.

More Yellow Color Candy

School buses and pencils associate yellow with education, and in the Tour de France, the winner gets the yellow jersey. There is a feeling of achievement associated with this color, so why not reward yourself for all you have achieved and stock up on some of our great cheap wholesale choices of bulk yellow candy.

We are the largest online candy store and have a broad selection of candy in all colors. And there are plenty of great bulk candy options in this category. Yellow chocolate lentils and Banana Heads and Lemon Heads are popular as well as yellow whirly pop lollipops and yellow M&Ms. There are sixlets in this color too, gummy bears, butterscotch buttons and mary janes are all here. Brighten up your party or occasion with some vibrant yellow candy today!


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Yellow Candy
The Tale of the Butterfly

They started calling Lindsey"Butterfly" when she was ten-months old. That spring, her mother sat her in a bed of dandelions to take her picture. A butterfly, as sun-lit as the flowers around it, landed on the child"s nose. Hands flung out in excitement, mouth opened into a perfect"oh", she crossed her eyes to look at the wonder perched on her face. Her mother clicked the camera.

The week before Butterfly turned 15, she announced that her name was Lindsey; she didn"t want to be called"bug names" anymore. Sad but understanding, her parents called her"B-Lindsey" every time they addressed her until the evening of her birthday party.

"Please, please call me by my name." Lindsey pleaded."Everyone"s coming over,"

Guests mingled and took advantage of the snack table, laden with cake, punch and all Lindsey"s favorite sweet treats: Lemon Heads, strings of Lemon Rock Candy and Smiley Pops.

When time came to open gifts, Lindsey pretended not to notice the envelopes that read"Butterfly", tearing them open, reading the well-wishes and opening the gifts. She got everything she"d asked for. It seemed the perfect day. Finally only one package remained. She looked at the tag."BUTTERFLY!" it read in all capitol letters. Lindsey recognized her grandfather"s handwriting and glanced at him, mildly irritated that he"d ignored her wishes about the name change. She opened the card. On the front was the photo her mother had taken all those years ago, the origin of the nickname. Inside, the card read,"I hope all your dreams take wing. Love, Grandpa."

Lindsey smiled in spite of herself. Her grandfather"s presents were always so unique and special. She believed he spent weeks ahead of her birthday planning for the event, picking just the right item to make her day special. She ripped the wrapping paper, revealing a plain cardboard box. Puzzled, she untaped the top and opened it.

Immediately, over a dozen yellow butterflies took wing, lifting themselves effortlessly into a cloud circling Lindsey"s head. The seemed magically attached to the girl"s blonde hair, hovering and flitting around her. Surprised, she threw her hands out and focused in on a butterfly fluttering near her forehead.

Her grandpa snapped the picture.

"I tried to warn you," he laughed, Lindsey and the entire crowd joining in his mirth. “Didn"t you read the front of the card? It said"Butterfly!""

- by Debora Dyess