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Candy by Color

Match the color of your event with the same color bulk candy. There are over 12 major candy color categories represented here with a lot of options under each one. Blue candy includes baby blue and dark blue, and pink candy includes hot pink and light pink. Put together a candy buffet bar with candy by color.

More Candy by Color

Find a large selection of candy by color here. Some of the most popular color candies are M&M's and salt water taffy. Customers frequently use these and other types of candy for a candy buffet bar at a wedding or event. The key to building a good candy buffet is mixing the right colors and having a variety of different types of candy.

White candy goes well with most other colors, so it could be wise to mix some white color candy into your buffet to add a little variety. White rock candy sticks or wedding mints work well for this. But white isn't the only color you can mix. Green and pink can go well together, as well as black and gold. One popular method of mixing candies is to layer different colors of Sixlets or chocolate lentils in the same container, creating a candy stripes effect.

Choose different types of candy in the same color as well. If you're planning on a blue candy buffet, you might get blue gummy bears, powder blue Sixlets, and blue candy sticks. The mix of shapes and textures is part of the fun presentation of a candy display. The most important thing, as always, is that you pick the candy that you and your guests will enjoy looking at and eating.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
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About Bulk Candy by Color

Candy by Color Planning a wedding or event is a big responsibility. Decoration and food are a big component of your guests' experience. Finding the right candy can help. Many wedding planners match the color scheme of their events with bulk candy by color. Popular items by color include Salt Water Taffy and Fruit Sours Candy, but nothing beats Jelly Belly jelly beans. There are many different colors of jelly beans, gumballs, stick candy and much more that can make your wedding day or other big event sweeter than ever!