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Animal Candy

Animal Candy merges the wild animal kingdom with yummy candy land treats that will make you purr! From land animals like classic gummi bears to deep sea hammerhead sharks, we have the perfect animal candy to compliment your party candy needs. If you like penguins or scottie dogs, you'll find the animal candy you need here. Why not take home a new candy pet today?

More Animal Candies

Animal shaped candy. Clown fish and penguins and frogs are just a few of the popular animal shaped candies we carry. There are also scottie dogs, black cats, and of course the king of all animal shaped candy, the gummy bear. Put together your own candy animal planet with our large selection of animal candies.


"My chocolates made it! Thank you so much for getting them here on such short notice! You are the kings of candy. Thank you!"

Agie Rutkowski
(Atlanta, GA)
Animals Candy