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Gimbal's Candy

Gimbal's Candy
Gimbals is a classic candy maker of gummy and fruit candies as well as jelly beans. The Gimbals Chews are a long-standing favorite candy and alternative to big brand names like Dots.

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Alexander Gimbal founded Gimbals back in the 1800s and several generations later Gimbals Fine Candies is going strong. Focusing on high quality gourmet ingredients, Gimabls candy is kosher pareve and does NOT use any of the following ingredients: high-fructose corn syrup, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, nuts, gluten, soy, fish and shell fish. So all of those potenial allergens are not a factor with Gimbals. Try some delcious gourmet bulk candy from Gimbals today at low wholesale prices.


"Thak you the for speedy delivery. Cannot get enough of those gimbals chews!"

Sam Robinson
(Cambridge, MA)