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Haribo Gummy Candy

Haribo is an acronym for founder Hans Riegel and Bonn, the town in Germany where he established its legendary line of Haribo gummy bears, licorice, and other gummi and jell candies in 1920. Today his gummi candy is legendary. Gold bears are now joined by leaping frogs and yummy fruits like raspberries and strawberries! These classic gummies are better than ever!

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The legendary Haribo candy brand is responsible for the infamy of gummi bears as we know it. The German gummi-maker was the frist to make gummi candy in the shape of bears, the national animal. But they have gone above and beyond by creating a very successful line of all kinds of gummy candies, including gummy cola bottles, frogs, peaches, cherries, grapefruit and more. Wholesale Haribo candy is available in all sorts of great shapes and flavors. We deliver fast and fresh candy to your door at the best prices on the net.


"I love my candy that I bought from ACandyStore.com I bought the Haribo gummy bears and alphabet letters. So fresh and yummy!"

Ronda James
(Lake Park, IA)
Haribo candy