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Hershey chocolate candy is known the world over for it's high quality and rich and dreamy milk chocolate. Hershey's Kisses are very popular foil wrapped drops of chococlate for decorating or for snacking. Hershey bars are a classic American candy bar.

More Hershey Candy

The Hershey Company was started in 1894 in Pennsylvania, where it's headquarters reamins today. In fact, Hershey, Pennsylvania is a city where The Hershey fmaily also owns a theme park called Hersheypark and a minor league hockey team called the Hershey Bears. Many people don't know that founder Milton Hershey's first chocolate store failed. It wasn't until after he built and sold a successful caramel company that he was able to set up a chocolate company that became successful. And successful they sure are!

Hershey makes a lot of the famous candy you know and love, besides the classic Hershey chocolate bars and Hershey Kisses, they also make Take 5 bars, Zagnut, Krackel, Mr. Goodbar and many more chocolate candy favorites. There was a man named Reese who had a fmaous candy company in the early 20th century as well. When he died in 1956, Hershey bought them and started making the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups too.


"We loved the assorted mini candy bars! Everyone ate all the special dark and Mr. Goodbar first!"

Janice Hancock
(Lexington KY)