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Sixlets Candy

Sixlets are the classic tiny round chocolate candies with a colorful hard candy shell and a hint of a malt flavor. They are available in bulk sizes and in packaged tubes both of which are great for weddings and party favors and just plain enjoying a great candy treat.

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Sixlets by Color

Traditional sixlets come in the original brown, orange, yellow, green and red mix of colors, but these days they are offering individual colors like blue and pink as well. This is a popular candy because it is similar in look and type to M&M's though each piece is a little smaller. Still the same qualities that make M&M's so popular hold true for these delightful sweets. Hard candy shell that has a nice color and a chocolate center that melts in your mouth.

But these treats offer the benefit that they are often much cheaper than their more well known counter parts. Especially when you buy the at wholesale prices online from a candy store like ours. So whether you are decorating for a wedding candy buffet or just needs some fun party favors for a birthday do not just get any old sweets, get bulk sixlets candy.


"I got my candy quickly and it was fresh and colorful. What more can you ask for? Thank you."

Kelly Weis
(Cincinnati, OH)
Sixlets Candy

Sixlets candy are very popular for weddings and events because of the gorgeous colors they come in. Pink Sixlets are popular for baby showers and white Sixlets are beautiful in wedding candy buffets.

Sixlets candy by color is a great way to add color to your events. Little round balls of milk chocolate covered with a colorful candy shell taste great and look even better. Buy individually colored Sixlets candy and impress your guests with a beautiful candy display.