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Sour Shivers Gumballs - 850 ct

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Growing up today can be hard to do sometimes. People move, circumstances change and finding good friends can be difficult to do. That is where Sour Shivers Gumballs come to the rescue because they have the power to make people happy and create laughter and friendship where there was none before. Just looking at these colorful delicious looking treats in a gumball machine are going to make people anticipate their sour goodness. Then as the dial turns and these tasty fruity treats slide out into their hands, there is nobody who can fight back a smile. Once you pop them in your mouth the fun and laughter really begins as the initial sour taste will make people make the funniest faces. It is OK to laugh because soon the face sour taste will be replaced by a rush of fruity goodness and the sour face will be replaced with a giant smile. With a convenient bag of 850 candies, Sour Shivers Gumballs will continue to provide new friendships for a long time to come. more info

Sour Shivers Gumballs: 850 CT
Sour Shivers Gumballs: 850 CT

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Product Info

1-inch diameter each.

Sour Shivers Gumballs from Oak Leaf. 850 gumballs per Case.

Price per piece = $

SKU: acsc104254

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