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Stick Shaped Candy

Stick shaped candy is one of the more popular forms of old-fasioned candy. Those classic candy sticks from the gerneal store. You know the ones. They come in every color and have a swirly stripe running down the side. Stick candy from Gilliam comes in a huge variety of flavors and has been popular for over a century! Not to mention they look great in those little glass jars, or in your candy buffet!

More Stick Candy

Stick shaped candy popular not only for general stores but for decorating an event or party. They look great as part of gift favors as well as candy buffets. They are also a great alternative to candy canes. Of course, they do not have the curl on the end, but you can find stick candy in bulk and in more colors than candy canes. Plus stick candy is available all year round. Get your favorite flavor of stick candy at great wholesale prices today.


"Your stick candy is a big hit in our store. We bought nice old-fashioned jars to put them in. They look great!"

Jim Buse
(Seattle, WA)
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