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Sweets Taffy & Candy

Sweets Candy Company has been around since the early days. Started by Leon Sweet in 1892, these taffy and candies came into the world not long after the Civil War! They have a deep and long history of high quality and affordable taffy.

Like Sweets Taffy

The taffy produced at the Salt Lake City factory of the Sweets Candy Company comes straight out of the love of a family business. The makers of the popular Sweets Taffy are the third and fourth generations of this family-owned business. Assorted taffy flavors and fun mixes like State Fair Taffy offer both variety and quality at great wholesale prices. Try some bulk Sweets candy and taffy today.


"We order another 3 pound bag of taffy every couple weeks for the school. My kids love them!"

Nicole Siegfried
(Knoxville, TN)
Sweets Taffy