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Teenee Beanee Jelly Beans

Teenee Beanee makes delicious jelly beans in individual colors. These bulk jelly beans are about the same size as Jelly Bellys but they are offered in five pound units instead of ten, which is more appealing to some who do not need the extra candy.

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These tiny jelly beans are loaded with vibrant fruit flavors from across the USA. Flavors like Napa Grape and Laredo Lime have an authenticity that is at once surprising and reassuring for candy lovers out there. Other flavors include La Jolla Lemon, Chesapeake Cherry, Savanna Strawberry, Indian River Orange, watermelon, blueberry cobbler, licorice, and green apple. Teenee Beanee jelly beans in bulk and at wholesale prices cannot be beat.


"These solid colored jelly beans looked great. We grabbed a few different colors and put them out for the birthday party. The kids were in heaven! Thank you so much for the really fast delivery!"

Beverly Johnson
(Little Rock, AR)