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Bonomo Turkish Taffy

The original Bonomo's Turkish Taffy is back and better than ever. Smack it and crack it like the old days from Coney Island. The original formula and flavors of banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla taffy bars as well as bite sized pieces in a tub.

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Bonomo Turkish Taffy was invented in 1912 in Coney Island, Brooklyn. It was called the first interactive candy and quickly had a large following as the most popular candy around. In fact, the Bonomo name became almost synonymous with Coney Island. Most people don't know that the actual inventor of Turkish Taffy was not form the Bonomo family. His name was Herman Herer, an immigrant from Austria, and he sold his business to the Bonomo family in the 1930s. The significance of the name "Turkish Taffy" remains a mystery to this day.

This beloved old-fashioned candy went away for a while, but has recently bene resurrected in its original formula and flavors. Now you can "smack it, crack it" (like the old-time jingle says) in chocolate, vanilla, banana, and strawberry taffy bars. The idea is to smack the bar down on the table before you unwrap it. This breaks the bar into bite-size pieces so that once you open the wrapping, you can just pick up a small piece and start enjoying your favorite retro taffy candy.


"I was so happy to see that you have my old favorite turkish taffy candy! Our order arrived so quickly too. Thank you!"

Jill Mitchell
(Sonoma, CA)