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Yellow Salt Water Taffy

Yellow is a happy and cheerful color often associated with spring and summer time making if a perfect color for the fun filled summer time taste of salt water taffy. Flavors like banana and pina colada feature yellow coloring and look great with other bright colors in a candy display of buffet table.

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More Taffy by Color

If all the varieties of this candy were on the same page you would have to search through all the different colors to find the yellow color you need. Listed alphabetically Banana would be at the top and Lemon Meringue somewhere in the middle and Pina Colada near the end. We created this page for those of you who just want to see all the yellow salt water taffy on the same page.

The most popular flavor in this sub category is banana. It is a classic bulk taffy flavor and has a solid color with red-ish orange stripes on the side and basically looks really good. Lemon Meringue is another popular one with a bright color and a white center dot in the middle of each piece. Both of these colors go well with other candy colors without being too busy. Pina colada is a very popular choice as well though it is mostly white it does have the yellow swirl on every piece.


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