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Yellow Striped Ball Lollipops Petite - 400ct

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Few people can enjoy a banana split or a big dish of traditional banana pudding with vanilla wafers whenever they want; waistlines simply won’t allow us that luxury. What if you could get that intensely sweet banana flavor from something that won’t do the same kind of caloric damage? Try these Yellow Striped Petite Ball lollipops, that at ˝ an inch is a tiny treat that is well worth it. Bright yellow and white striped, these lovely Yellow Striped Petite Ball lollipops are the perfect accompaniment to any island-themed soiree, a diverse candy buffet, or a fully stocked and brightly colored candy aisle. This bag of 400 Yellow Striped Petite Ball lollipops will be enough even for the hungriest of crowds! more info

Yellow Striped Ball Petite Lollipops - 400ct
Yellow Striped Ball Petite Lollipops - 400ct

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Love the look of this candy...

Love this candy - I also bought the blue and white striped. I am going to use them for a back to school dinner as favors. They will look great with our centerpieces. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Small and cute...banana flavor
5/5 Stars
Magnolia, AR
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product Info

Diameter: 0.5 Inches
Total Length: 2.5 Inches

Approximately 5 grams per lollipop



400ct bulk yellow striped ball lollipops petite. Yum Junkie.

Price per piece = $

SKU: ACSC112426

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